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Before you start your green wall make sure you consider these important factors.

Before you start your green wall make sure you consider these important factors.

Selecting your site

A site analysis is essential to determine the site suitability and potential site-specific factors that could influence the success of the green wall. In addition to local climate, site-specific factors that influence exposure to sun, rainfall and wind need to be considered in conjunction with the green walls position and orientation. Assess the ease of access for maintenance and community appreciation, and consider all green wall design requirements such as water availability and drainage. Make sure you are aware of how your green wall and site are affected by local council planning requirements, heritage status and approval for commercial and private buildings.


Cost is a very important factor that influences the green wall design, with the majority of costs throughout the green wall life cycle associated with materials, installation and maintenance. Nonetheless, green walls can be constructed and maintained even on a limited budget. Simple designs with carefully considered materials and appropriate plant species can lead to affordable green walls and the most successful green walls.


It is important to protect the wall and surrounding area that supports your green wall. If the green wall is positioned directly against the building façade the wall may need to be waterproofed and protected from vegetation. Waterproofing and sufficient drainage both help to protect your wall from moisture damage. Green wall designs that place the building wall at risk of water damage should consider waterproofing solutions.


If you are unsure of anything while constructing a green wall, it is best to check with a professional. It is most important that your green wall does not present any safety hazards and complies with all laws and regulations. Professional consultations and advice from your local council are useful for both design considerations and ensuring your green wall complies with the relevant laws.


Appropriate plant species selection plays a major role in the success of a green wall and the maintenance regime of the green wall. The plant species used need to be suitable for the local climate as well as the exposure of sun, wind and rain that are relevant to the specific site of the green wall. Additionally, plants need to be compatible with the green wall design, for example does the limited depth of the growth substrate limit your plant species selection?

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