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Meet leading researchers and experts in plants, green walls and air quality.


We are the UTS Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group led by Dr Fraser Torpy and Dr Peter Irga. We are one of the world’s leading air phytoremediation groups and our primary focus is on empirical, industry-linked research to develop plant-based systems to mitigate poor urban air quality. Our research explores the relationship between plants and air quality through laboratory based studies, indoor and outdoor sampling, and city-scale geospatial analyses.


Prepared by Horticulture Innovation Frontiers Funding – Green Cities


UTS Plants and Environmental Quality Research Group:
• Dr Peter Irga (Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
• Professor Penelope Allan
• Professor Sara Wilkinson
• Dr Fraser Torpy (Senior Lecturer)
• Julia Yeo (Research Engineer)
• Ashley Douglas (Research Associate)
• Thomas Pettit (Research Engineer)


• Horticultural biotechnology for mitigating air pollutants
• Functional active green wall technology development
• Botanical systems for improving urban amenity: noise attenuation,
  aesthetics, water use, temperature
• Geospatial analysis of the determinants of urban air quality
• Urban aerobiology, with an emphasis on pathogenic fungi
• Urban agriculture, urban forestry, urban greening


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